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Esin Group, headquartered in Singapore, represents a diverse clientele across various sectors on a national and international scale. Each of our clients’ cases is reviewed and analysed by our group’s highly qualified specialists in their respective fields, who are committed to providing a high level of personalised, confidential, and result-oriented service. Our professional support is solely motivated by client satisfaction.

Our holistic one-stop solution approach, which includes Corporate Service, Investment and Asset Management Service, and Immigration and Relocation Service, distinguishes us. Our strong business environment offers our clients peace of mind and assurance that they will be well-cared for.

Our Brands

Esin Visa is a subsidiary of Esin Group, a professional immigration company specialising in Singapore immigration business consultancy and services.

Esin Visa emphasises creativity and mutual understanding as the key driving factors for corporate growth, aggressively linking and combining Singapore’s high-quality capital, breaking through conventional immigrant approaches in the industry, and launching a series of different customer needs based on market demand and government guidance.

We are a boutique private investment holding firm managing our portfolios in sectors such as: Education, real estate, healthcare, and equity etc.

We invest & advise in innovative and transformational businesses. In short, assisting potential growth businesses to grow in Asia.

Incorporated in 2015, EsinBiz has been serving hundreds of satisfied customers from Singapore and overseas. Our team of tax specialists, business consultants, and legal experts will provide you with a variety of business consulting services, including company registration and licencing, finance and tax consulting, immigration consulting, business support services, and assistance with company mergers and acquisitions.

Acrabiz is a one-stop solution to start and run a business in Singapore. We focus on incorporation, accounting, corporate bank account opening and secretary services for entities owned by locals and foreign citizens.

Private Client Services

Investment Service

We provide professional investment services and information to both retail and institutional clients. Our tactical strategies, international networks and opportunities, developed through extensive analysis and due diligence, will assist families, successful individuals, and entrepreneurs in allocating and growing their assets in accordance with the individual’s goals.

Private Banking Services

We partner with Boutique Private Banks in Singapore to provide personalised banking experience and distinct level of services to high net worth clients. Private banking solutions deliver customised wealth management options from Asset creation, Credit Solutions, Wealth Planning, Trust Set Up that can increase your liquidity, preserve and grow your wealth, and open new opportunities for you and your family.

Family Office (13R/13X)

新加坡家族办公室-13X 13R
Start to capitalise and maximise your wealth by utilising of the available Monetary Authority of Singapore's tax incentive schemes for setting up resident fund. You can now establish your efficient tax effective family office and obtain your Employment Pass in order to manage your family office in Singapore. MAS has provided tax exemptions for specific returns generated from funds managed by family offices, both offshore and onshore vehicles.

Global Investor Programme (GIP)

GIP 全球商业投资者计划
The Global Investor Programme (“GIP”) is administered by Contact Singapore, a division of the Singapore Economic Development Board (“EDB”) which connects with successful qualified entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in relocating to Singapore by investing via various of investment options. Our professional team will guide you go through the entire process include profile assessment, interview arrangement with officers, business plan drafting and implementation, with prudence and care.

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Justin graduated from the prestigious University of London with a Master of Business Administration. He has vast experience working in multinational companies such as Bank of China & Allianz Insurance. In addition, Justin specializes in Singapore immigration program management and has in-depth knowledge and experience in the Singapore immigration policy. Currently, Justin leads Esin Group as the general manager. He focuses on the immigration project management of major clients, designing customized immigration programs and supervising each projects’ planning and execution.

Sophie Cheng

Chief Operating Officer

Sophie is responsible for the company's major customer consultations, channel co-operations, and external relations maintenance. Her robust business expansion experience allows her to generate compelling sales and marketing strategies to ignite revenue, enhance market share and improve bottom line performance. Sophie holds a bachelor's degree and master's degree in economics from the University of Birmingham with working experience in both Australia and New Zealand banks. She has a wealth of experience in the banking sector, particularly in compliance, cross-border wealth management, foreign exchange control, reasonable tax avoidance, and CRS response.

Wu Ying

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If you have any questions about our services contact us by phone, email or visit our company for consultations and communications.

Our people are valuable assets to us, because we recognise the passion, dedication and commitment each member brings in supporting people we serve across various life stages. Meet our team and find out what it means to be part of us!

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Singapore Office:
  • 152 Beach Road, #11-05 Gateway East, Singapore 189721
China Office:
  • Chengdu: No. 105, 15th Floor, East Tower, Territory Center, No. 5 Xiyu Street, Qingyang District
  • Guangzhou: No. 9 Huaming Road, West Tower Huapu Plaza, Room #1109, Tianhe District

Singapore Office:

  • 152 Beach Road, #11-05 Gateway East, Singapore 189721


China Office:

  • Chengdu: No. 18 Dongyu Street, Baiyang Building, Room #1101 Jinjiang District
  • Guangzhou: No. 9 Huaming Road, West Tower Huapu Plaza, Room #1109, Tianhe District

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